11 July 2010

user instructions

when feeling crazy lost and impulsive:
drink wine, call meaningless boy (who you may or may not actively dislike), drink more wine while stripping and kissing in the yard,

lament lack of stars and inadequate kisses loudly (to make sure he knows you dislike him), roll around on a thin blanket over the grass, under the trees...

wake up in his bed at 2:00 with a throbbing head and many mosquito bites. 


bats in the belfry said...

hmmm ♥

Bebe said...

this comment sums up my life exactly at this moment!

Tiaz said...

:). i wish I have the 'meaningless boy' to call my own.
ahh well..
that's just life isn't it.
I hope you're having a wonderful time with the Polish beau.

Lv T