30 December 2013

get thee to a nunnery

He put on the Mamas and the Papas, which I found endearing. The sweet voice of Mama Cass sung out from the ancient black stereo. I sipped on my peppermint tea while he approached me until he was close enough to grab me hard and pull me close. The tiny tsunami it caused in my tea cup resulted in half of the contents spilling over the mug edge. "Now I smell like a candy cane," I said as I brushed away the drops from my hair and skirt.

"Where have you been?" he asked, taking the tea cup from my hand and placing it on the nightstand.

"I've been around," I said. "I've been busy."

I had been ignoring the occasional evening phone call or flirtatious text for months. But he didn't go on. He didn't mention it. And I didn't mention how I had not missed him a bit, how I didn't think of him- even then while he was in front of me, I wasn't thinking about him. I was thinking about how he needed to dust his dresser, and how the hardwood floor was cold under my bare feet, and how 2013 was ending so quickly without even asking permission.

"I am thinking of joining a convent," I told him while he raised my shirt above my head. "That way I don't have to worry about men or finding a job. Do they allow vibrators in nunneries?"

He chuckled but he didn't talk. We didn't have anything to talk about. I looked at the pulse of his neck and the slope of his shoulders and felt his tall and solid body against mine.

I fell into his evergreen sheets and let him hold me and make me feel good. And for a minute I didn't even think about 2013 ending or broken hearts or peppermint tea. And for that night at least when I reached out in my sleep there was a warm body there-- there were hands to grab me and lips to kiss me.

In the morning I stumbled to find my shoes. "Wanna come over this weekend?" he asked. "I'll think about it," I said. But we both knew I wouldn't. I kissed his cheek, saying goodbye to him and this strange, long year.

19 December 2013

haikus about men I have slept with: set eleven

tall dark and handsome,
oh- your fingers played me like
high school girls in spring.   

terrible lover:
After, I gave you a chance -
philanthropy fails.

Always wanting more.
my body.- porn.- the bottle;
I was not enough.                    

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ps: it is a little awkward to do these chronologically now that all the past has been done, but c'est la vie, right darlings?

16 December 2013

luna// look up

the moon is on to me,
it looms
tremendous in tonight's sky
so many italian love songs.

the blue greys and
silver glares
chalky misty luminescence

don't look down

don't be distracted by
children's lamps and

those flashes
are only
and pipe dreams

and this life
something authentic-
felt in your tummy and sleepy, triste soul.

09 December 2013

firmly putting me in my place

i kept leaving my desk
to sniffle silently in
the bathroom stall,
staring at the the cold tiles.

and at the end of the day
in a moment
of weakness
and utter stupidity
i sent him a message:

"i feel like my whole body is breaking/
i just want someone to hold me"

and he said
if you can come over
I can give you 
about an hour"

08 December 2013


i should know by now
that the ones
who fall fast and hard
are the ones who
leave you quickly and despondent;

at first you glow as bright at the sun
and [too] soon you
are not even a part of his universe.

when i told him
i felt his love
i meant it.
i could feel the warmth in my heart and
the vibrations of
his tenderness.

and then i
saw it drain
from him,
methodically and absolutely,
until I was frantically
searching for a little
beam of luminescence where a floodlight
once existed-

until the only response to
"do you even care about me?"
is a closed door,
and a collection of all of my things in
a cardboard box.

he can add
my name
to the list of things resents-
just file me next to
his family /and his exwife /and his job /his country / christmas trees/ chicken thighs/ tipping/ new orleans/ throwing caution to the wind/ taking chances/ making changes/ being loved

When asked to choose happiness or
misery he chose the blackness;
and when asked to be
with me or alone
he said bleak solitude.