18 July 2011

haikus about men i have slept with, set eight

American boys
Want to add a lass, but French
boys share with leur pote.

When I needed you
In my heart you were there, and
The playhouse sheets too.  

Face like a dreamboat
And tall slender build- what a
Let down in the end!

all the evening through

we were supposed
to go see
the film at 
the big mall movie theater,
but your bed was so soft
and your
kisses so hard-
we stayed in your little studio apartment
all the evening through. 

09 July 2011


I am waiting

for my life to begin

to meet my soulmate

for the ultimate inspiration

for that one phone call

for my heart to feel whole

for you to come and pick me up

are you on your way yet?

03 July 2011

coming soon...

I have so many stories in my head and heart right now. I just need to write them. Thanks for being there for when I do :)

i miss this place