23 January 2013


lose everything.
Lose the stamps on my passport
my own room to rent,
daily lectures and gossip and bits of chocolate and wine bottles.
I miss everything about my previous life
even all the mistakes and consequences.
Now I have my eyeliner
Gaze through the window,
Smoke pot before work and reckless emails to exes.
Self-destruction is no game for me
and yet, I am so good at this?
I see no reflection,
The body has let me down/my slanderer my body. gives away all my secrets.
Tell a friend about «Somethings must change!»
I would like to say that I will try my best-
but I will not.

15 January 2013


I believe that time- can't be ticking- too late in the suburbs.

My heart, in fusion, in suburbia land .

I like very much Sir please help me to find -


in the suburbs.

10 January 2013


(why do i do things in the wrong order?)