22 November 2013

dumb things

here are some dumb things to say:

when it rains, it pours

god won't give you more than you can handle

when life gives you lemons.....

those are really truly dumb things to say.

and do not say those things,

encore: i have been dealt two heartbreaks-

dangle the shiny bob,
sunshine reflecting off of the asphalt mirage,
crash all the kettles in the kitchen.

this man:
who wined me, and dined me, and kissed me all night-
then once
our passports were stamped and our
candles burned out
he can't even tell me he loves me/ cannot even tell me he misses me when I'm not there-

and i get fired from a job
before it is ever in my hands.
she rejects me- softly, i'm sure-
with the worst possible words:
why don't you go back to paris?

as if she knows what is best for me
as if he knows what is best for me.

i don't need cliches, or empty kisses, or letters of recommendation. 

this time i cannot run back home, 
and i'm too broken to run away again.