29 November 2007

paper doll I

There once was a paper doll girl. Each time she met someone new, they would pick up the blue polka dot spring dress and place it onto her, bending the paper taps over her shoulders and hips, and stand her up somewhere. Or they would put onto her the tulle and flowers wedding dress. Or the little black cocktail outfit. Or the business suit that had been ripped a little at the waist and pasted back together.
Everyone loved the paper doll girl because she became whatever they wanted her to be.

14 November 2007

plans for 2008

take up courses at the Sorbet (that’s in Parisfranz) in pencil sharpening, cursive handwriting, and the metric system.
work some times for Mr. Vansnuzzlegarf, collecting cans and reading warning labels.
after exams, begin work with Mr. Widdy Lohan, in his low-rise office building overlooking some seines, re-corking wine bottles.
in august, return to Lose-yer-antlers, with new hair color and passport of Lottie Majors.

07 November 2007


he used to rest his hand in the dip near above my hip
and push into me, laying behind
and beg me to stay the night
i would reply, with retrospective irony,
that my single-girl ways wouldn’t allow it

05 November 2007

anywhere but here, anytime but now

i wish we were playing yam under the mosquito nets
listening to the short-wave radio oh oh

walking on the sky