30 April 2009


still thinking of you
heard you
a new
book of


is your
enough for you?

i remember your picture
on the beach,
half asleep
in the sand (shells and coral)
glasses in
half-heartedly tossing aside
a copy of
le monde

you had a tummy
like candy
so kissible
and delicious

your eyes were
brown and
deep and
your hair
was an inconceivable mess

i wrote
poem about you
when we were

even my favorite ones
when you
left me (and i
normally hate
my poems when i'm

i guess

i suppose

i assume i am

thinking of you now

because i am
in between

like i
was when i met you

in between
and open
and confused
and excited.

i suppose i am thinking of you
not because of you,
but because of the
idea of you
and the


of b


free. free to make mistakes.

(FN see + and +.)

29 April 2009

c. love

when i was
in high school
you were a

you didn't give a flying....

you put huge sequins in your

i saw you
at a festival with
my friends, i was maybe

you played
and long
and the
sides of the stage burst open
and glitter
fell like
magical snow
i felt like
i was in

at the
end of the show
you gave away
your guitar
to a guy
near us
in the front row.

then i called my mom
to pick me up

(today feels like that, a little)

future perhaps

in little pink thing
cracked red lips
at agent provocateur

or perhaps



is a weird phrase.

why figure things out
it is
so nice to be

confused// in between.

if it ain't broke.....

secret number 2

i don't want to be a lawyer.

i changed my mind a long time ago.

28 April 2009

three years

tonight is the last night i will spend studying for a law exam.

now that's fucking poetic.

27 April 2009


Harsh Voices
Remind me of the poet
My First French Lover
So Serious
So Catholic
So Lovely
I know
We don’t speak
Anymore (its ok)
Makes what we Had
So much
(but I know you still think about me)

it was lovely what we had. i don't question good fortune. i'm just trying to enjoy it, again, in my mind. i hope you are happy (or not, if that's how you want to be).

26 April 2009

always pick C

nine tenths of
the law

rushes of panic

rushes of calm

24 April 2009

for bo


(the blank tile
is an E)

23 April 2009



all it needs is a coat of paint!

shhh.... [secret]

last night i did something i've never done before..... quelle celebration (did you like it as much as i did?)

20 April 2009

the buzz

you know how
you sometimes
have that ringing...
not ringing....
in your ears...
when something electronic is on around you

like the TV on mute,
or the stereo turned down
or even the slight buzz of
your downstairs neighbors fan......

that slight
hum buzzz hmmm zeeeeeeeep

thats how i feel about you

19 April 2009


check the triangle

at dancing partner


Sally Lou Ritz

16 April 2009

cross your fingers



15 April 2009

confidence trick

Have you confidence in me to trust me with your watch until tomorrow?

see you in Poyais, soapy smith,

or in my office on School Street

because everyone knows orphans don't get into Princeton.

14 April 2009

truth// fiction; art// life

i don't care about you at all// its amazing how easily we lie to ourselves

09 April 2009

everyday poetry

red lipstick on a white paper coffee cup

a perfumed bath and book on tape

a perfect cocktail glass, yellow with red cherry inside, smells like the beach

looking twice

petals showering down from an old bouquet

tra la la in foreign tongues

chocolate then crepe then paper holder then napkin then hand

sharp heels and marble floors click click click

table for two

07 April 2009


abide, anticipate, await, bide, bide one's time, dally, delay, expect, fill time, foresee, hang onto your hat, hang out, hold back, hold everything, hold on, hole up, keep shirt on, lie in wait, lie low, linger, look for, look forward to, mark time, put on hold, remain, save it, sit tight,stall, stand by, stay, stay up for, stick around, sweat it, tarry, watch

carry out, do, forge, forward, go, go ahead

an invitation

They are corially invited by this corially (and formally) to spend a few traversing New York days. Oh yeah and you can moreover spend a few times with me. Take 7 shoes with you, therefore we can go the city. We can buy (I do not promise diamonds).

And, if the day is --, we can take a step of return and enjoy our room

; -Jacuzzi, must offer. This offer is during a limited time
-- finally, I receive an older daily newspaper. to chamfer an act.

02 April 2009

underwater world

She woke up in a daze. Her head hurt, badly. She didn’t want to open her eyes. The room was muggy and hot. Her body was damp in her thin cotton nightgown. She looked at the clock. 9:oo. Too late to go to class now, and besides she hadn’t done the reading. Shit. She walked out into the living room. Niko had folded up the blankets and straightened the futon: there was a note that said “I went running, call if you want to get breakfast later.” He had done the dishes, too. All the glasses and the late night snack she had made the two of them. She walked into the kitchen and immediately felt nauseated. She sat on the cold linoleum for a moment before dragging herself back to her bed. She slept a few more hours.

She woke up hungry. Hungry for something greasy and fast. She stumbled into the bathroom and took 5 pills: two prozacs, one allergy pill, and two aspirins. She peeled off her nightgown and tossed on a light sundress, not bothering with underwear or make-up. She combed her hair briefly through her fingers and flipped it into a pony tail. She went to the front door and considered for a moment whether she looked too unruly to be outside. She shrugged to herself and opened the door.

Her bike was gone! It was stolen! Who would steal this bike? The gears don’t work and only the left break functions. Oh, wait. She had left it at school the day before. Its probably still there. Crisis averted. She hopped in the car and went to the drive-thru, a fried chicken sandwich and large sweet iced tea. Her head still lightly throbbed; she was so thirsty. When she got back to the house there was a small box on the porch.

She picked it up and looked at the Fed-Ex paper attached to the front. Two day delivery from New York. She carried it upstairs and threw it on her bed. She took a long sip from her plastic sweet tea cup. She began to peel the tape up on one side of the cardboard. Then the other. Then she separated the flaps and peeked inside.

No note. She pulled out some packing paper and picked out a small box wrapped in bubble wrap. It looked like a Christmas ornament. She unraveled the packaging to reveal a small box containing a New York snowglobe. The large white snowflakes sat on the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty. She shook it—instant blizzard. Then she let it go calm again. Clear. Calm. Then blizzard again. She wanted to keep the little people in the mini buildings on their toes. Calm, storm, calm, storm, tiny rattle...

She grabbed her cell phone and sent out a text:

Thanks. That was really sweet. I don’t feel like talking today though. But thanks.

She stripped off her sundress and crawled back into the sheets, and slept until evening.