24 October 2012

to do

1. write more
2. write more letters
3. write more letters to faraway people
4. write more letters to faraway people to make them closer
5. be closer

16 October 2012


i am going to trust 
that the leaves will turn red
and the election will come and go--
i will try to trust that 
the mail will need checking and 
my hair will need washing
and the made for tv movies will be bad--
i trust that tea cups will pile up
and the pies will be baked, 
though you will not be here to try them. 
i trust the world will keep turning and turning and turning, 
though its hard to know what is real 

08 October 2012

come to

a summer without words? what has this world come to... 

(i feel so far away from myself.) 

( i do have about 25 drafts. should work on those)

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