23 January 2009

the beautiful new orleans life

on the radio:
DJ says now we're gonna play something by my neighbor over on julia street; you can't buy the recording but you can stop by the house on thursday nights for a jam session

at the post office:
old woman waiting in line next to me says I wish I had pretty legs , I would wear a dress like that;
i think i wish i wasn't too young to rock that fabulous hat.

in class:
can we drink some run and talk about why the free market doesn't work in venezuala?

and when friends stop by with bottles of wine and mini rose bushes, how can you not smile

19 January 2009

nights like now

there is a yearning
in my
for paris

the yearning that comes
every time
i am
about the future.

the sky is blue.
the grass is green.
and paris is there if i need it.

15 January 2009

a poem?

find me
a job
in (international)


(its my only escape)

11 January 2009


whisper whisper
about the
to wear
on her stocking

06 January 2009

won't you be my neighbor?

i have started a new project for 2009: a photography blog with my lovely friend in London. i am posting under the name Basil L'americaine.

check it out if you would like: neighbor//neighbour

i will still write all my poetry and fiction here, bien sur.

happy new year kittens.

04 January 2009

dear mr beautiful

(at home for the holidays i found this letter i wrote a while ago. i don't even remember who i wrote it to or when: i think its better that way)

Dear Mr Beautiful,
You are very charming. Smooth. Slippery. And I needed to be kissed like that. But its all over before it begins. Because you already made it very clear that you are in love with someone else, and that’s where I stand. And though I don’t feel it now, I can see things developing. I can see myself envisioning chilly nights with foreign dinners, listening to songs with your face in my head, picking out wine with your taste in mind. Because I can see you are dangerous. Meanwhile you’ll be writing postcards across the sea to a girl I’ll never be, while I look at the dent on my pillow. So let me save you some time, and save myself some money on lacy lingerie- because no matter what I wear I’m still me and no matter what you do I’ll blame myself.
Thanks anyway,