20 July 2010

three weeks.

new orleans where gigi says "i'm so glad you're here" and i believe it,
it is hotter than sin but we love it-- 
in the driveway at my old house there is a car from new mexico and i wonder if they repainted my bedroom? all the flowers are dead, including my giant hibiscus, though i prefer to think it left to another home after i moved out. 
next week new york and for bar, boy and bride, baby. 
pretty pizzas and central park. 
then a big bus will carry me to washington dc, to see the lovely lass zaza,
with every weight off my shoulders, every worry from my mind, every insanity settled....
we'll have cocktails on the hill and cupcakes in the cafes.

summer is its own planet. three weeks in space.

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denielle said...

love it. especially the last line--very sage!