24 June 2009


i had a dream my boyfriend was a dark-haired boy named daniel who had a pet meerkat and performed illegal cosmetic surgery on red-headed twins.

20 June 2009

saying goodbye

the house swells
with new orleans
and old passion
as i pack each box carefully,
and place them

16 June 2009

ode to the swinger

you are more complicated than a thousand piece puzzle, more perplexing than vegan cheese, and, strangely, more intriguing than a 3AM infomercial...

tell me more about your adventures while i curl my body up beside you. (you just like to be held, you said. i haven't had a night like this in years.)

enjoy baton rouge, playboy, and call me sometime.

07 June 2009

always making plans

will move north, have a son named Lake and a daughter named Dolores. and i'll make a cake for when you come over.

06 June 2009


the saddest girl
to ever hold a
mint julep.

03 June 2009

stamp my passport

yearning, ache, ambition, appetite, aspiration, craving, craze, eagerness, fancy, fascination, hankering, hunger, longing, need, passion, thirst, urge, want

02 June 2009

his body

A glass of wine
with you
over cheese and
pommes frites at
a place filled
with “such an uptown crowd”
as you put it
was like a
flirting manual out of
some awful women’s magazine
dripping with subscription cards.
Open, towards him
Head tilted
Legs crossed
Leaning in, laughing, touching,
Brushing his knee
Leans back,
Open, strong
Looking right at her
Watching her hand
As it brushes his
We walked outside to your bicycle
and you hugged me so tight
I kissed your rough cheek and said
‘I’ll call you’
You pulled me close again
And said.... “promise?”
And when you touch me my whole body tingles with anticipation
But I watch as you head back downtown instead of to my bed.....
I like you too much to sleep with you.