26 March 2011

only fools fall in love

The trouble with boys
 is that I go for the smart ones- 
and the smart ones
 tend to be the most socially stunted. 

The dumb ones are fun
 and you can take them 
 They adore you and love you and want to live in bed.

 I hope one day 
I meet a man 
who does not 
have to choose
 between intelligence and passion. 
A capacity for love can be as big as an intellect, and loving does not make you a fool. 

09 March 2011

Then It Happened Even Worse.

So I was doing my spring cleaning and came across this letter randomly. It was written in 1997, when I was a freshman in high school.  I just had to share it. Incriminating names are stealthily hidden.

 A bit of background: Colin was my brother's best friend and was the first guy I ever kissed when I was 13. Z was my first boyfriend when I was 14. And, just to add, both of them barely got to first base. After the jump is the rest of the letter and I have rewritten it for you with some corrections. Enjoy! 

06 March 2011


they say your soul
is reborn
every 7 years,
now so I have my fourth try.
I'll put
27 in an old
shoe box, and
stash it away in the closet...
Hello 28.
Hello soul.

03 March 2011

My friend Mata

I had Mata Hari over for dinner-- that crazy Mata, who knows what she is going to say?

I said "Mata? What should I do next, huh?"

She replied, "If you wear too many rhinestones, they will kill you prompt. Pass the peas."

Oh that crazy Mata.