26 May 2005

..in between..

I am green
I am purple

I am floating all over this damn color wheel
in between.

18 May 2005

LSAT prep made easy

There are 6 people seated around a table. A sits next to B. Regina hates broccoli. Luca speaks French. Zizi cannot talk to B, because B promised to stop drinking so much and hasn’t yet. There is a broken black and white television in the middle of the table. Also, Baby must be close at all times to Luca, but not necessarily next to him or at the table at all. It’s summertime. The table is in Russia.

What are the chances that B will have an affair with Baby’s cousin?

Now draw a diagram. Make it pink while you are at it. This is where the test writers try to trick you. See? The fact that Regina hates broccoli is irrelevant; do not forget about the television. Once we have drawn a complete diagram (a sun should indicate summer), we can see clearly that B and Baby may very well be the same person.

The answer is popsicle.


13 May 2005

cake and cocktails

. not all the chocolate and martinis in the world can kill this ache behind my bellybutton.

i’ll miss you.

04 May 2005

forbidden fruit

when I was five I had my very own forbidden fruit
.strawberries. and whenever I ate them I became terribly ill
in my little tummy tummy

but they were so juicy
and red
the little seeds tantalized me
like my very own little mr snake
they said

‘eat us brandy
on sundaes, in smoothies
or (favorite) naked dunked in sugar’
I was defenseless to their advances.

I lunged at them, chewed them through
my little girl lips covered in sugar and
strawberry syrup

‘I hope you are proud of yourself’
my mother said
‘you’ll be sick as a fish’

and I was
though I’d rather be litith than eve.

02 May 2005

[the letter]

today it came all
wrapped up
in the tin box
saying ‘we value you’
‘come here to us’
and all
I could do
is ignore my clanging devil whisperer
pour white wine,
watch rouge
(and lose myself in his blustery gaze.)
I’ll think about that

01 May 2005


“I can’t even walk around here!” she screamed. “I’m drowning in babies!” She picked up one foot, slowly, and placed it beside a screaming toddler. Her knees buckled. She tried not to fall. “Where did all these children come from anyway?!” She picked up a block of legos and tossed it to the side. As far as she could see there was nothing but screaming babies, crawling all over the ground, stretched out to the end. She didn’t know what to do with all of them. She thought about the legos, and regretted that she had not given it to a little girl, or placed it in the center of the room to allow all the infants to gender-identify themselves in a way that was pleasant. Babies. She ran a hand over her flat stomach, over her pert breasts, her slender waist. Babies. “And where have all the lovers gone?” One thousand babies from one thousand lovers. “I’ll teach them all a different language, I’ll give them all a separate religion,” she thought. “I’ll name them all after flowers, French and English ones.” She lay herself down in the babies. She lay herself down and she slept. She dreamt there were no babies. No babies.