29 October 2007

california postscript

at first: hesitancy: “what are you doing tonight?” three times I said no.
then: frantic: nights on the town, restaurants with rectangular plates and bottles of fancy champagne. he kissed my neck and said pleaseplease: no. my intuition said. no.
we came to rest, subtle, settle, long nights horizontal and afternoon kisses. I gave in with delight: enthusiasm.
then: I put on my thrift store slip under my kimono, painted my toes red (like us: the town) waiting for him. he never came. he still hasn’t come.
he: drives a fast car. i’m back in paris in two months. he tossed me before the expiration date. still haven’t learned to trust my instincts.

10 October 2007



moving along
but never getting any sunnier

a bad egg

over other pastures

you're cramping my style.

07 October 2007

moi, ce que j'adore...

he has blond curls that wrap around my fingers

i'm enamored with a man from california. and for once i find it difficult to write it out.