27 April 2005

so far

This is all I know about Dr Oliver[Oscar] OO

He was born in Russia.

His father a novelist (he existed in a book before he took his first breath). His mother a ballerina.

His mother, in a cult, believed God lived on Mars. Tragic to my Oli, but a child, she perished in a rocket headed straight to her savior. Pirouettes in space.

The book about the incident touched millions in Russia, the millions in Russia from the touching brought thousands with the two men straight to America. Do you see? Novelists love tragedy.

This shattered my love’s dreams of being an astronaut.

Sustainable agriculture in underdeveloped countries. His path in lieu of stars and (mommy)martians. My love bottles wine in linen. Africa [stamp] Asia [stamp], mais oui bien sur l’europe.

Dr Oliver[Oscar] OO and his diamond ring. He asked ‘if I lived in your tummy, would you eat enough to maintain me?’ Ahhh love.


Squid said...

welll.. wow i just um miss something, but intesting blog!! um something about space and stuff, if you want to experiance it.... or something, scuba diving is as close as you are goin to get if you dont want to pay a lot for that new plain ride and stiff, you can go whith me if you want, i use to teach!!!!!

Bebe said...

i never pay a lot for my plain rides and stiff, usually i get it willingly.

Squid said...

hahaha good one, should have proof read what i wrote to you hahaha good one