13 April 2005


A petite young blonde mysteriously turned into a puff of smoke yesterday in Smithtown. The townspeople were devastated.
“She was a lovely girl. Nice trim figure. Smiled a lot. Never would have guessed she would turn into a puff of smoke” remarked a neighbor.
“Her papers were quite orderly” said her American Literature teacher. “She never even asked to borrow the stapler. It’s a real shame about the puff of smoke thing”
The incident occurred during a quaint backyard luncheon. No children were present.
“How do you explain to someone how you feel after the girl you love turns into a puff of smoke?” said her boyfriend from beneath his baseball cap. “I mean, she smiled a lot. She really liked kittens, too.”
Her teary-eyed employer said “She was the best cashier I ever had. Her lunch breaks never exceeded thirty minutes.”
A vigil will be held tomorrow afternoon. The puff of smoke, unfortunately, was not secured.


Anonymous said...

You're a good writer.

I wonder.

You should some of my stuff.

Anonymous said...

Whoops. There should be a verb in the last sentance. Which verb is your choice