12 February 2017


Haiti right now is
clean, slippery floors,
cheek pressed kisses and
everything upstairs. A guesthouse
that is my own,
permanent hotel living.

Haiti is puffs of smoke and
charcoal stoves, sips of
rum and bottles of bleach. Haiti is
nothing, yet. Need more seconds, more
steps forward and over.

My heart
Will it ever stop? Will

will Haiti...

I don't know.
To do:
Learn Kreole,
fix heart.


gee said...

i am so happy that you still post here. do you have any other sites where you share work? i don't use blogger enough, i'm afraid. although i always return to your work

Bebe said...

This just made my day! I don't get around to this old corner too often anymore but love notes like this are just the motivation I need to start updating with more. I haven't been writing anywhere else recently, mostly pen to paper, but I may start a seperate blog now that I am officially in Haiti for a long stretch. Thank you again, darling!