27 March 2014

Cubicle life

6:00 alarms buzzzzzzz

7:00 in the car/ npr/ life goes on outside this: airplanes, landslides. Traffic lights.

8:00 arrivee', loopety loop parking garage bigger than the mcmansions I pass.

8:30 third bad office espresso, though I am wide awake: more to suppress hunger for food and a better life.

-work, type, clackclackclack, fyi, see note, work-

1:30 devour my carefully constructed salad and read the entire internet.

3:00 can I grab you for a quick meeting?

-work, clackclack, rinnnnnng, quarantine summary 0, howwasyourweekend whatareyourplansfortheweekend, work-

4:50 stare at the clock.

Tick tock




5:00 go to the gym/ run for three miles while staying in exactly the same spot: realize this is a metaphor for my life

6:00 in the car/npr/ life has gone on around me: healthcare, russia. Traffic lights.

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