13 August 2011

Help Wanted

Seeking highly qualified motivated individual

to work 80-100 hours per week

in a dark cave without access to sunlight or other people,

after 1 month free training!

must be willing to do heavy lifting, some travel (by foot), and sometimes pick up dry cleaning. 

JD or Masters only! 

This is an unpaid internship- only those shortlisted will be contacted. Don't call us. Good luck. 


Some Girl said...

Hahaha, for a minute, I thought you had actually found that real ad that's been running recently in the Times Pic. It goes something like, "Seeking recent JD, must be able to carry heavy file boxes up two flights of stairs, conduct basic client interviews and depositions, and have own transportation. Pays minimum wage. Must be OK with working in my home."

Bebe said...

I haven't seen that one, but I did see one that listed these fun facts:

• Flexibility to work long hours with minimal advance notice
• Significant computer work, which may require repetitive motion, prolonged periods of sitting, and sustained visual and mental applications and demand.
• Travel as needed, which may require walking distances, lifting & carrying luggage and boxes, and prolonged periods of sitting in tight quarters.

And yes I applied to it. And yes I didn't get hired. I read these ads every day and they are just getting more and more ridiculous.

Bebe said...

I really enjoy when they call it "free" training especially. It sounds such much better than 2 weeks to 1 month unpaid work.