18 February 2011

the leaving dance

I am folding each
each ribbon-
trying to make them fit
in a too-small bag.
Maybe packing should be something you do alone?

I've been having
always the same.
I am in school and about to graduate, but I did not do all that I was meant to do.
I am afraid I won't graduate. The whole dream is my fear of messing it up.
Sometimes in the dream I realize that I already finished school- several times-
but it doesn't take away the fear.

I walked down the river the other day
and the air was piercing cold on my bare arms. I did not wear a coat. I did not finish the class. I cannot fit the dresses and hats.

I'm trying to fold myself into a too-small world.

I hope this is the last time. I want every time to be the last time.

I'll miss you-- no lover has ever broken my heart so much as Paris.

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