26 October 2010

her name was Dot

My little Parisian pied-a-terre used to belong to a woman named Dot. In fact, I think it still does. Dot is not on Earth anymore, technically, but I think she has yet to leave her little home. 

She had many properties- maybe Paris was her favorite? I read some letters from her friends and they were often reassuring: "Its ok, Dot. You are moving on to new things." and "You have excellent taste in art and friends- you have collected a great deal of both." 

She was a traveler and an artist. She was one of our clients, so I looked up her file...

In the inventory for her other Paris home, her belongings read like poetry. And "under the bed" is the best random listing of luxuries I could imagine.

Under the bed:
2 suitcases
3 good long dresses
1 sari
long gloves
various silk stoles
2 old sari dresses
red hotelplan bag with winter mittens, earmuffs, and hiking stockings
gloves: white beige, black satin, purple, summer
beaver fur coat

And my favorite listing from her closet:
scarves- dozens. 

She's not a bad flatmate at all. Who wants to drink coffee alone anyway?

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Tiaz said...

how eerie but very interesting. imagine her outfits with all those silk material. :)