19 September 2009

nightmares and weekend melodrama (please disregard)

Gives you nightmares.
As if the suburbs weren’t nightmare enough
I have dreams that men I am too good for
leave me
and some how
I get the short end of the stick.
I have dreams of falling into lakes
once covered with thick ice
Into the coldcoldcold water
and then I look for
my picture books.... I seriously dived back into the cold water for my memories. (inthedream)
And yet I still talk
with a translucent ghost
The professor who never was
never will be
who doesn’t have a clue...
I hold onto that stability like a life vest,
Ahhhhh nightmares
Such an archaic word
and still
in them
The world is all around (nohiding)
she is putting her life
up her nose
and there is me
And I try to expel my body
get everything away from me
I do it
in every dream
and in every reality.
it leaves me sick and tired...

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