30 March 2009

bargaining with a higher power

If I get this job
in Italy
I promise to wear
fake eyelashes and red lipstick everyday
and never ever sulk and
Remember every late night
and write every letter
and learn how to bake bread
and return every phone call, and start
to pull all the days off my day calendar again.
If you give me some direction I’ll take it with bells on,
all forward motion and sidesteps and skips
I will buy fresh flowers every week
and have clean sheets and loose leaf tea
I’ll call everyone more and remember to do my hair.
I will
Open up my heart again
and let the good ones in, I’ll hold them tight and stay all night
I’ll remember to eat
and wake before the alarm
Stop biting my nails and paying late fees
If I get a good chance, if I get a small push
I promise promise promise to be happy again.

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