07 December 2008


lets go to the movies
and sit in the front row
and cuddle under my scarf 'cause its cooooollllllddd in there

then to the diner with black coffee in mugs
and i'll make some joke about the
fact that you use 'sweet n low'
and you'll act like
you think i'm funny (and blush)

we'll talk about the movie and you'll disagree with me about the ending

and we won't drink
and you won't be married
and i won't be sad and
you won't be french
and we'll get along like foam and waves

you'll bring me presents of little tea cups from flea markets and i'll paint on your bedroom door,
and you'll love me sans makeup at 6 PM, or with fake eyelashes and wigs at 8 in the morning,
and i'll love your plaid socks and your hair after showers, and you'll pretend to like my hideous lamp and i'll pretend to listen when you talk about henry miller and

our friends together will make perfect dinner party guests


Hila said...

oh Lucie, I just love the way you write. I have to say, this piece is my favourite.

Bebe said...

oh thank you dear! you really made my night :)

kerri said...

this is so beautiful i am almost crying. thank-you

Bebe said...

merci kerri. i am so glad you like it. sometimes the simplest things... unfortunately i had no one in mind when i wrote it.

kerri said...

i would say that's more like 'fortunately' . . .the fact you can write this without even any real and past pain is so talented.