18 July 2008

the offer

a little list on yellow legal pad
one side: [france]
one side: [US]
a silly little list

both sides, started organized and with straight penmanship, suddenly falling apart- turning to scribbled words, double underlining, circles and stars

pain au chocolat*notre dame*parc des poetes*the firm*les marches aux puces*steak tartar*

my brother*convenience*a garden*thanksgiving*the comfort*service*heat

the autumn wind*bordeaux with the girls*cobblestone*verlan text messages*centre pompidou*

a big kitchen*craft stores*netflix nights with gin and tonic*brunches*florida beaches from my youth...

when i start listing names it gets really messy.

there is no man on either side
and my heart seems to be

just in the middle


Hila said...

the way you write is so evocative ... and I know how you feel.

Hila said...

hi Lucie, check out my latest post as I have awarded you with something :)