02 March 2006


Lilla hates the kind of humor that is dredged in misogyny and violence, those kind of jokes that are too ‘cool’ to not find funny. Nazis-gangbanging-a-nun type humor, it’s obligatory to laugh otherwise you seem uptight and too politically correct. “Aren’t we already desensitized enough?” she tries to explain.

She saw a volcano when she was 15. The dried lava flows looked like elephant skin, piled up together, with Lorax trees randomly dispersed. She likes to think the world used to look like that. She dyed her hair black the next year so that people would take her seriously.

Lilla lost her virginity to Tony the same summer that she saw the volcano. He was 19, and she didn’t realize it at the time but seeming attractive to a 15-year-old was scores easier than getting laid in his own age bracket. They were under the boardwalk and Lilla had half a bottle of peach schnapps. She was trying to tell him about elephant skin, and an elephant skin world, but he wasn’t interested.

She thought a lot about elephant skin and Tony’s skin and after a while the two became one memory, especially after he skipped town to do some illegal work in New Mexico. She wanted to show him her black hair, and ask him what to do about the baby; one was just as difficult as the other. Later she thought he wasn’t even that cute.

She moved to New York and always keeps the shutters all closed. Marc, the latest, eats too many boiled eggs and never dusts, but he has nice arms and a nice apartment. He tells racist jokes- she never thinks they are funny.


hardyf said...

i like the framework. and the natural parallels of lilla's desensitization. short but vivid. cooool. opens up that whole sense of detachment and wonder on childhood vacations for me. later..

arch.memory said...

Is that Lilla related in any way to that from the movie, "Lila dit ca"?

katy said...

sometimes i get a bit carried away

least i say, i like it

Bebe said...

merci monsieur hardy <3

and I had never heard of the movie 'Lila dit ca' but I just read the summary on IMDB about it and it sounds right up my alley-- hormone-ridden young sexuality, and in the south of france at that!

and katy, i could just kiss you.

katy said...

birthday kisses!

mua mua mua