18 February 2006

bath water

the bath water is black and
my knee is bloody like a
little boy fresh off his bicycle
another failed adventure


his friend (the cute one)
tried to kiss me on the beach
he asked
what is the difference between French and American men?
I told him that
the lies sound prettier
in French.


B.Dobs said...

Did you know you can break your regular non-Iron Hymen in bath water? Good thing for Iron.

P.S. Have I ever mentioned that you will write poetry/stories for me to read and Shila will make art for my walls? Cause it's true.

Bebe said...

how many times do i have to tell you i'm a virgin, beth?

pure as the driven snow.

iron hymen forever. (does it rust?)

what about hot tubs?

ps i watched corrina corrina yesterday and thought of you.