23 July 2005

from here to there

Everything is in transit
always going from here to there
downtown midtown
peachtree vinings highlands little 5
west side south side OTP
buckhead and piedmont
this bar that bar
same beats same drinks same boys all over town

another movie about unfortunate
displaced british children and tina
blows her smoke out her car window so
it disappears in the hot hot air
my car my girls
play that song you know the one

I’m not gonna call you I’m not gonna write
I’m not gonna love you I’m not gonna cry
you’d be smarter than I thought if you figured out you’re not the kind of girl for me

so so sad when pop songs seem pertinent
a new kinda deep end

from car to bar in
three inch heels
rum and fashion just don’t mix
but everything is funny and funny and self destructive
and sad and spinning and the best time ever

and its moon- roof open to see him

north avenue

literally taking myself to be let down again
[sometimes I think I’m addicted to the
pain he feeds me with such nonchalance]
his kisses would never taste the same

driving again and its 2.25
but how am I supposed to get from here to there?
to my grandmothers house and she
hopes I don’t die in that island
where people have bones in their noses
I’ll get there soon zoom right over the sea

its easier to get to the
Indian ocean
than that place
my the boy wants me to go
what went wrong what happened? he asks
no way to get back to where
he loved me without inhibition or interruption
instead I’ll go see sarah
stuck sarah stuck sarah when are we going to run away?
no midtown no downtown no
riverside drive no medlock bridge

always in transit all
the time
going somewhere meeting
someone who won’t remember my fake name

but will kiss me like he loves me
its taxi all the way -home-

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