30 March 2005

winter night with the girls

we are all hip here
we're all alright
movies in english are not worth the time
and in this theater you can smoke and drink beer
if you want
thats just so hip man
thats so cool
every hipster in town is out here tonight

though its tuesday and freezing
but they are so cool
weekdays are just prisons man
and the cold means three pairs of tights and a knit hat
wear it sloppy like you made it so no one will know its from the gap

and the movie lets out
i can see the hip breaths
in the cold air
"coffee? another beer?"
but man i've got class
philosophy of civilizations
medieval italian
early african film
we're all so hip here
we're all alright

i'm dangling keys and
we're trying to use big words
to talk about the film thats
too cool to be american
our coats are long like our skirts and eyelashes
we eat each other like codeine.

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