01 December 2006


kitten is so passive: wishes only for that sparkle when dangling,
hardly outside reach of his playful little bat;
lay it down without a battle and
y a w n : goes distant

Each fresh cat knows the play which is a play, after all.


Davis said...

Thought I'd comment somewhere no one else has as yet-besides, I like cats, well ones that don't cry at you for no reason anyway.
Interesting to experience proper literature, no wonder some of us end up in law school and some go into manual labo(u)r for a career (yeah, damn the extra 'u's Brits like me stain the language with. God, I've written more here than on my own blog!
Anyway, I would like to repeat that it is refreshing to read what is most easily discerned as quality that a larger audience could do with experiencing (and that's just the writing, ha ha ha) OK enough of me.

B Blue said...

davis! mon gars! I will be (most likely) working in Paris in summer (if i don't flunk out of school and end up a quiverfull wife) and fully expect you to eat moules frites with me in montmartre, after i visit you in lovely fake england (ie wales).

Also, for what its worth, i haven't forgotten about your package (unfortunately, thats not as naughty as it sounds).

i send you bisous for years xxxxxx

andre said...

I am really enjoying your writing

hardyf said...

just when you had me in your claws, you reveal that you are a crazy cat-lady! a clinically diagnosed disorder these days, no less. i never woulda thunk it. well then at least explain purring to me - i dont get it.

B Blue said...

andre i am so happy that you are enjoying my blog! i am absolutely in love with your blog and i plan to stay in the honeymoon stage with it for a long time. if your blog was a doughnut i would eat it.


and for the record mr hardy, i am not a cat lady (although it seems that since its been exam time i've talked more to the cat than real people);

this poem is about sexual frustration, passivity, and power games.

purring is great, you know exactly when the cat is happy, and that it loves you.

Anonymous said...

or perhaps, that the cat is willing to use you for her own satisfaction

and that she knows you're willing to be used