12 December 2006

boose bed-eh ; or tall dark and handsome

I had a dream that he
came to my house and I wasn’t wearing underwear
and we made love in the stairwell
and everything I touched was turning purple
purple walls
purple stairs
he lifted me up
and he looked like
I mean amazing
like amazing
when I woke up I was so sad because
my bed was empty
only me and the
cat clawing at the door

and when I told beth she said ‘ew’
but then again
she didn’t see how amazing he looked
Oh god those persians
there are no persian men in new Orleans.
begou desperate?


Anonymous said...

It was an "ew" because I was thinking I would have to walk in that stairwell, thankyouverymuch.

Brian Boutwell said...

Too hell with line breaks then!

B Blue said...

ok i definitely didn't do that. my blog is possessed.

B Blue said...

and the time is all wrong?

beta french-kissed my blog and now its all light-headed.

ashley moyers said...

i went on a date with a persian guy once! he was tres beau