18 May 2005

LSAT prep made easy

There are 6 people seated around a table. A sits next to B. Regina hates broccoli. Luca speaks French. Zizi cannot talk to B, because B promised to stop drinking so much and hasn’t yet. There is a broken black and white television in the middle of the table. Also, Baby must be close at all times to Luca, but not necessarily next to him or at the table at all. It’s summertime. The table is in Russia.

What are the chances that B will have an affair with Baby’s cousin?

Now draw a diagram. Make it pink while you are at it. This is where the test writers try to trick you. See? The fact that Regina hates broccoli is irrelevant; do not forget about the television. Once we have drawn a complete diagram (a sun should indicate summer), we can see clearly that B and Baby may very well be the same person.

The answer is popsicle.


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