09 March 2011

Then It Happened Even Worse.

So I was doing my spring cleaning and came across this letter randomly. It was written in 1997, when I was a freshman in high school.  I just had to share it. Incriminating names are stealthily hidden.

 A bit of background: Colin was my brother's best friend and was the first guy I ever kissed when I was 13. Z was my first boyfriend when I was 14. And, just to add, both of them barely got to first base. After the jump is the rest of the letter and I have rewritten it for you with some corrections. Enjoy! 

B (the love of my life)

Hi, let me start off by saying writing this note is not easy. But it is not a bad thing [like I would break up with you] so don’t worry. I was never mad at you. But no use in stalling so let me get right to the point.

But let me start at the start, so you know where I am coming from. It all started on Tuesday when I was talking to C on the phone.

I said, “Hey! C tell me a cool story.” Like always. So she did. Then she said “Why don’t you tell me a cool story for a change.” So I thought and said, “Ok I’ve got a good one. You know who is so cool?” “Who?” “B’s mom. Because she found out about us kissing and didn’t say anything to her dad.” C said, “I know, those things she just doesn’t tell her dad.” I was like that’s so cool.

Then it happened.
She said, “Yeah, her dad didn’t even know that Colin and B were going out.” (A hush fell over me).

Then it happened even worse.

She said, “If her dad found out about some of the things they did, B’s dad would have killed C.” (I wanted to fucking cry.)

It just gets worse.
Then she said, “C was always over there every night because [her brother] and C were so good of friends.”

So if you haven’t already guessed, the question I’ve been wanting to ask you is did you ever have sex with Colin. And if you haven’t what have you done with any boy?

Now you are probably saying ‘Z, you are acting like a 3rd grader. You shouldn’t care.’ Well damn it, he is over there more than I am. So it does matter to me.

And you might be saying ‘If I tell him will he still love me?’ The answer is I DON’T KNOW.  

And you might be saying ‘If I tell him and he does get mad and does something, would it be worth it?’ To me, yes, it would. Because I would like to be the first and the only to be with you. And I have been thinking about this question for too long. So I would really like to know all the details PLEASE!

The farthest I have ever gone is a French kiss, maybe you can change that. And I never had a good one until I met you.

I am not as cool as all the guys think I am.

So I have said what I wanted to say so I end this terrible note with you are the only girl I have ever loved.


PSS write me all the answers in a note and give it to me first thing tomorrow and we will see what happens.



Some Girl said...

Omg, B, this is adorable. I have to know what happened next! Did you write him a note with all the answers? The answer is I DON'T KNOW.

April said...

Aw. And ^^ that comment is hilarious. :)

Kaleidoscope Girl said...

Wow... so what did you do?

Bebe said...

Alright, so I did some investigating (in my high school journal) and I never recorded this incident. I wrote a little about our relationship and then when we broke up (9 months! wow serious!)

But... what I am guessing happened is that I refused to tell him anything about Colin, probably enjoying that it made him angry, and told him that it was none of his business. I know I didn't do what he told me to- thats for sure!