02 January 2010

wish jar

When I was in college I stared a "wish jar." I guess I've always been a worrier, and sometimes I get so intensely into my own thoughts I could stay up all night racking my brain for solutions to my little hiccups in life. I painted an old pickle jar and started writing my wishes on little pieces of paper and sticking them inside... It was so cathartic. It did not put things completely out of my head but it did feel like a tiny weight was off of my shoulders. When I moved away from college in 2005 I read all the little papers, and they seemed so silly: "I wish he would call me back" "I wish I would get an A on this French test" "I wish I could fit into my blue dress"

I need to start the wish jar again,

but oh dear how the wishes have changed...

1 comment:

denielle said...

what a great idea! i'm all over that.