06 October 2009

my favorite stories

the princess and the pea

alice in wonderland

the twelve dancing princesses

the little mermaid


withoutwordswouldyouknow said...

the little girl forever lives on inside of the woman!

what a wonderful choice of stories.

the essence of almost everything it is to be female.

Sundari said...

I love Alice. But when I was younger I adored the little mermaid. Why do you think you like these stories?

kerri nĂ­ dochartaigh said...

mermaids are **magical**


Hila said...

I agree, with the added title of The Little Prince.

A "cheery" disposition said...

the little mermaid... such a childhood favorite!

Lucie Peacock said...

i'm so glad to connect over childhood stories! thank you for your comments! xoxoxo

hila- i would have added the little prince, but can you believe i didn't read it until high school?

sun- i think whats intriguing about these stories is that i can totally see now a little obsession when i was younger with wrestling with identity and yearning for new places. it seems so obvious now that i'm surprised i didn't run away from home at the age of 10 and change my name to September Silverfoot (one of my old play names).