28 May 2009


White paper
Flashing screen
And yet
After all
The crazy investment
I don’t feel
Because I don’t want to be a lawyer.
I need to get through this


K. Sundari said...

Hmm, you sound just like my boyfriend. He came back to his law degree after 8 years of studying other things: painting, physics, etc. And he really struggles with it. But I will tell you what I tell him, that law is a very noble degree in that it isn't as superficial as say an arts degree and you can really help people. Or you can sue them and screw them over. your choice. Hope you can get through, a law degree must be very hard!

Lucie Peacock said...

that was sooo sweet dear. i need some encouragement. studying for the bar exam is doing a number on my psyche. you are a cupcake :)

K. Sundari said...

Thank you! I hope it helped, even if just a teeny bit. I can't imagine how difficult it is. It must be difficult enough just to get over how unenthusiastic one gets towards this time of year.