23 January 2009

the beautiful new orleans life

on the radio:
DJ says now we're gonna play something by my neighbor over on julia street; you can't buy the recording but you can stop by the house on thursday nights for a jam session

at the post office:
old woman waiting in line next to me says I wish I had pretty legs , I would wear a dress like that;
i think i wish i wasn't too young to rock that fabulous hat.

in class:
can we drink some run and talk about why the free market doesn't work in venezuala?

and when friends stop by with bottles of wine and mini rose bushes, how can you not smile


jodi said...

i smiled reading this

kerri ní dochartaigh said...

this is gorgeous. so free (butjust as beautiful.)

K. Sundari said...

I love how hardly anyone I know in real life reads my blog too. Except my mum sometimes because she lives far away.
I loved your answer to my post question. Great reason to start a blog. To answer your question, I started a blog firstly to share my photography in a way so I could control what words went with it. Well thats the superficial reason, but I started it just after my boyfriend went overseas and never called me again in the same month that my Dad passed away.
I wanted to create something meaningful, new, special, and very me. So I did, and have loved every reader and new blog I have found since.
Hope you don't mind that I published the answer in your comment section.

Lucie Peacock said...

oh K thats so sweet! I am so glad that you found something positive when you were having a hard time (to say the least).

how amazing that these crazy internets let me connect with wonderful women all over the world. you girls make me want to go to australia- so many like-minded lasses.


Hila said...

Yes, come to Australia Lucie, we'll welcome you with open arms :)

kerri ní dochartaigh said...

i wanna come to australia at the same time as lucie is!so many beautiful blogger girls (and one in new orleans also)


werner herzog said...

the arbitrary nature of the universe

denielle said...

oh, old women in the post office always have the BEST hats! i think that's my favorite scene in this poem.
as for my site . . . i haven't been writing (creatively) much these days. but thanks for the lovely comment!

Hila said...

I have a little tag for you on my blog, but only if you have time :)