17 February 2008

resolutions and adjustments to your new model

that i will stop asking the boy to dinner
when i know
he wants only after-dinner
that i will stop obsessing over
life and love
in new orleans
by online means such as facebook
(when i should be out living real life with real

resolved that
the way i feel on the 6 metro
at 8 at night, on the way home
crossing over the black seine and
devouring the sparkling eiffel tower
with my soul and my eyes and my fingertips
the way i feel when the woman
at the boulangerie says "bonjour ma biche"
and already starts to cut me a demi-baguette
is the way i will ALWAYS feel

(and resolved that the canadian bitches
won't hurt my feelings anymore)

1 comment:

Ola Roks said...

"my movers my shakers my no-good-heart-breakers you're too good to be true you're too good to be true"

go here:


listen to the basement song

its for movers and shakers specifically.

nice. you write like haiku abstract quasi-romantic notes to nobody in particular.