15 July 2007

i buy my happiness in pretty little bottles and in the morning i have a happiness hangover

I don’t have anything beautiful to say. I just have to write how perfect this moment is, right now, in it. Day after Bastille Day, waking up in the afternoon, making a half-ass omelet and blood orange juice. My hair is tied back in a handkerchief, and I am doing laundry and dancing in the kitchen to Billy Joel’s greatest hits that I found in the living room. The yellow drapes make the whole apartment full of sunshine even at dusk, but right now the light it at its most perfect.
I can’t forget this feeling right now. Paris makes me so happy. Paris
(Its all going to be worth it).
makes me so happy.

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dragonfly of the night said...

I also buy my happiness in pretty bottles of parfume..it makes me happy even when my world is falling down.

Instant happines.