13 July 2006


i've not been proud of my work lately, since being back in atlanta. feeling distant. uninspired. detached. censored.

but guess what kids? i've got a new lease, in a new city.

(so who can tell me about the literary scene in new orleans?)i need to start drinking again.


Brian Boutwell said...

Same here, minus the being in Atlanta part. I've been doing more salvaging than writing this summer. I guess I recomment that. Dig into the haven't-read-in-months-years-folder and see why can be used.

I know nothing about the literary scence in New Orleans.

Good luck.

Travis Jay Morgan said...

Inspiration will come back to you soon enough. :) Why do you need to start drinking again?

jessica said...

why would you not want to start drinking again?

...she says as she sips her red vino.... ;)

jessica said...

...that's my inspiration...

Brian Boutwell said...



Brian Boutwell said...

Yes. Drink. But not too much.

B Blue said...

well mr brian, digging into my old stuff can be dangerous. i take this as a challenge. come to new orleans.

mr morgan, don't you know that drinking is cool and makes you look sexy? everyone is doing it.

ms lee, you're my kindred spirit.

mr brian [again]-- we could drink, together, before i leave atlanta, if you want. x