15 May 2006


we made love in berlin on the his-and-hers down comforters, your dimples bigger than ever (like my smile)
i imagined bilingual children running through heidelberg
i was hurting in more ways than one
(i could tell you could sense it, the tension in my hips)
but yourfingers felt it all out
and when i left you for paris i
give myself to anyone, still lost in the dream of you
and those fucking dimples

god- those dimples, how that boy smiles...
when he smiles...

i'm sorry to say the bruises are still missing
my skin feels better when its blue


Brian Boutwell said...

Hey Brandy. The kind folks at the writing group/blog: Taking the Brim___Took the Broom would like you to join. E-mail me so I can get you joined. If you want to?

Brian Boutwell said...

Oh, and sex in foreign countries, tantalizing.